The sea, a vector of well-being

Anfibi shares the idea and conviction that the sea has virtues that contribute to everyone’s well-being. This includes water sports.

Anfibi supports and innovates in the practice of coastal longeering. It’s a practice accessible to all, with strong social and relational values. There’s a real sense of cohesion, solidarity and team spirit among riders of all ages.

Well-being by the sea is a subject close to our hearts, which we want to promote and democratize.

With the participation of longeurs from different backgrounds, we have gone through numerous phases of research and development in order to offer you the longe-cote equipment best suited to your practice. Wetsuits, booties, gloves and paddles are on pre-order in our store.


Longe-côte or water walking is a sport that originated in France in 2005. At the time, Dunkirk rowing coach Thomas Wallyn was looking for a complementary exercise to strengthen the rowers’ antagonistic muscles in a gentle, joint-protecting way. 

More than just a complementary activity, this sport, which was given the name longe-côte in September 2006, has now become a sport in its own right. It can be found on all French coastlines, but also on lakes.

This sport is accessible to all, and can be practised as a leisure activity or in competition. The basic rule is to respect what is known as the BNI, i.e. the right level of immersion. The water level must be between the navel and the chest. 

The lower limbs are the real engines that provide the impetus. The upper limbs help to increase propulsion, by ensuring that you’re on the right track. 

Longe-côte was originally invented with the use of a double paddle and developed around propulsion devices called UPs.

Today, the use of UPs such as paddles (single or double), longe-up, fill-up or tackle is still present and continues to develop alongside barehanded practice, which requires no additional equipment. 

Whatever the technique, come rain, shine or snow, longe-côte can be enjoyed all year round, and there’s something for everyone. It’s a benchmark in sports linked to health and well-being.

longe-côte avec anfibi

Key figures for 2022

Minutes of sleep

Several British studies (National Trust) have shown that a walk along the beach prolongs sleep by around 47 minutes.

Competitors entered

On June 4, 2022, the 7th French Longe côte Championship took place, with 585 qualified competitors (316 women and 269 men) from 55 affiliated clubs.

New category: Handi Visually Impaired

Thanks to this initiative, visually impaired people can take part in the longe-côte event while respecting the original rules. Nine visually impaired competitors, both men and women, took part in the 200-meter solo barehand event.

Titles awarded

At the 7th French championship, some 73 titles were awarded in various age categories, as well as at the French championship for all categories combined. Club rankings were also drawn up at the end of the competition.

French Championships

The number of French Long Distance Championships organized by the FFRandonnée to date.