Who we are

About Mellow Sea
About Mellow Sea

The brand that lets you experience the ocean differently.

Have you ever heard that the limits of the land are not the limits of the sea?

The ocean increases our possibilities tenfold, enabling us to cross thresholds that seem inaccessible to us. The ocean opens the field of OUR possibilities.

And yet, do we know how to live differently with the ocean to benefit from the diversity of its benefits?

It’s this rich, intense experience that we’re inviting as many people as possible to discover.

And the experience we offer is first and foremost our own.

Julie (Co-founder): “I’ve been an ocean enthusiast since I was very young, but it was my recent discovery of aquawalking that really changed my relationship with the ocean. I got into this nautical activity out of curiosity and fun, and here I am today, after just 2 years of practice, a French championship medalist. The ocean – approached in a different way – plunged me into a real discovery of myself, of unsuspected talents, as if traversed by a surge of confidence that strengthened me, thanks to the facilities offered by the ocean.

Damien (Co-Founder): As a fan of extreme outdoor sports, I’ve always loved confronting the power and force of the sea. In fact, the sea is my element, “better in the water than on land”. So when, following an accident, I was told that my passions would potentially no longer be accessible, it was a real blow. It was when I went to the ocean to seek comfort, both moral and physical, that I discovered the sea’s ability to regenerate wounds.