Mellow Sea Handi Sport and Sport-Health

Our mission is to adapt your wetsuit to your disability

At Mellow Sea we believe that the ocean, the sea and its benefits should be accessible to everyone. And access to them can be difficult. So it’s vital for us to find a solution.

Are you disabled and looking for a wetsuit that frees you from all aquatic constraints? 

We’ve already begun this process with the double-zip wetsuits in the Anfibi by Mellow Sea range. To go even further, we can help you customize our suits (free of charge), so that they are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Contact us for the best fit for your neoprene wetsuit.

Design study for a handisport neoprene wetsuit

Help us take part in the co-creation of equipment adapted to your disability or that of a loved one.

As you know, our aim is to make the ocean accessible to as many people as possible, all year round and whatever their profile, while sharing the values we hold dear: respect, well-being, proximity and transparency.

Today we need your help to understand your equipment needs and expectations.

That’s why the Mellow Sea team warmly invites you to answer the short questionnaire by clicking on the button below!

Our partnership with Panasea: human values that make sense in access to the ocean

Because their actions are close to our hearts, and we think it’s important to support their cause, which contributes every day to bringing smiles to the faces of many people through surfing and the ocean. We donate 1% of each of our sales to Panasea, with the aim of promoting their development and enabling more people to benefit from their surf therapy program. We make sure that we are sincerely involved in their development. This involves cross-communication, crowdfunding and, above all, the supply of equipment (Anfibi by Mellow Sea wetsuits).

Mellow Sea's involvement with disabled sports associations

Our involvement with the disabled began with our collaboration with MVP by FMS, a responsible and supportive workshop with whom we manufacture our upcycled products. But we wanted to go even further… So we’re delighted to be working with associations such as Handi Surf and Panasea, who are working to ensure that physical or mental disability is no longer a barrier to surfing and enjoying the ocean.

Alongside these associations, we want to get closer to our customers and work with them to develop products tailored to their needs.

You are an association, you share our values, and you would like to better equip your members? Don’t hesitate to contact us at, and we’ll be more than happy to talk with you to find a solution.

Prader-Willi syndrome and obesity

Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) is a rare genetic disorder affecting one in 20,000 births. This is due to an anomaly on chromosome 15 and occurs accidentally during conception. This syndrome can also lead to obesity.

People suffering from this syndrome, as well as those suffering from obesity, lack solutions for equipping themselves to experience the ocean all year round.

At Mellow Sea, we’re working on technical innovations to give them unrestricted access to the ocean and its benefits.

Do you have specific needs?

Do you or a loved one have a particular disability that restricts your ocean activities? Write to us at and we’ll be delighted to understand your constraints so that we can improve our product development and find a solution to your needs.