The Anfibi Aquawalking Wetsuit by Mellow Sea

Discover the Anfibi by Mellow Sea Ultra Stretch Neoprene wetsuit, perfectly suited to aquawalking!

Are you passionate about aquawalking, a water sports activity that combines sea walking and well-being? To get the most out of your session, you need a neoprene wetsuit that’s comfortable, reliable, high-performance, safe and above all easy to put on and take off (hence the double-zip front and back).

In our desire to make the sea accessible to all, we have also designed a complete size chart.

That’s where the Anfibi by Mellow Sea wetsuit comes in!

Double-zip, 100% Ultra Stretch, 10 to 12 sizes...

Want to find out more about the Anfibi by Mellow Sea range ? Then you’ve come to the right place !

Size chart

11 to 13 sizes available


2 years on seams / 1 year on materials

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