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Mellow Sea second-hand wetsuits

At Mellow Sea, our mission is to help you make the most of your aquatic experiences. And this means offering accessible, high-quality facilities. With this in mind, we recently launched a programme of second-hand wetsuits.

Cette initiative s’ancre dans un véritable engagement à proposer des solutions adaptées aux divers besoins de nos clients. In doing so, we are once again illustrating the values that resonate with us: respect, well-being, proximity and transparency.

The idea ? A second life for quality wetsuits

The Mellow Sea range of second-hand wetsuits doesn’t just fall out of the sky. It is based on a clear desire to offer everyone the chance to buy a quality wetsuit at a reduced cost, while reducing waste. An approach that makes perfect sense in the current climate.

These “second-hand” wetsuits come from stocks used for events or fittings. They are therefore practically brand new and have been designed with the same care as the brand’s new products.

If you have an old Mellow Sea wetsuit you’d like to part with, contact us at

Three levels of reductions to suit all needs

To ensure that everyone finds what they’re looking for, Mellow Sea has created three levels of discounts, based on three criteria: H2O+++, H2O++ and H2O+.

  • The H2O+++ category groups together the least-used suits, which are practically brand new and may have a very slight cosmetic defect.
  • The H2O++ category includes wetsuits that are used slightly more often, particularly at events, but are still in excellent condition. They may show a slight sign of wear.
  • Finally, the H2O+ category is for suits with a little more experience, but still perfectly functional. These wetsuits are the most heavily discounted, offering access to Mellow Sea quality at a very attractive price.

Mellow Sea : respect for the ocean and its users

This programme of second-hand wetsuits is a further illustration of our commitment. It is a way of democratising access to quality equipment, limiting waste and promoting a more sustainable model. It’s a way of respecting both the ocean and the people who want to experience it to the full.

So, if you’ve always wanted to treat yourself to a Mellow Sea wetsuit, now might be the time to take a look in our “Second Hand Wetsuits” category!

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