You are currently viewing Our partnership with Panasea: human values that make sense when it comes to access to the ocean.

Our partnership with Panasea: human values that make sense when it comes to access to the ocean.

What is Panasea?

Panasea is a surf therapy association based in Biarritz that uses surf therapy to make the ocean accessible to all, but also contributes to the healing and prevention of suffering linked to mental health, which is subject to a great deal of stigmatisation.

Surf therapy uses the physical activity of surfing as an anchor for the healing process.

Through their actions, Panasea is committed to combating the taboos surrounding mental health issues, and giving many people access to the ocean and its benefits. All this in a setting that encourages interaction and strengthens social ties within the community.

We are proud and particularly happy to be able to work with the Panasea association, because their values resonate with us.

Our synergy

That was a few months ago. The founders of the Panasea association came to see us to tell us about their wish to acquire easy-to-put-on wetsuits that would fit virtually all body shapes. As you know, our primary objective is to make access to the ocean easier for everyone, especially for people who fall outside the “norm” and are often overlooked by existing equipment manufacturers.

We naturally responded positively to their request, while establishing a partnership: a collaboration with shared values was born. This synergy is enabling us, step by step, to continue moving forward with our project. Through this association, we complement each other in the values we share, and in our desire to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of the ocean.

Because their actions are close to our hearts, and we think it’s important to support their cause, which contributes every day to bringing smiles to the faces of many people through surfing and the ocean. We donate 1% of each of our sales to Panasea, with the aim of promoting their development and enabling more people to benefit from their surf therapy program. We make sure that we are sincerely involved in their development. This involves cross-communication, crowdfunding and, above all, the supply of equipment (Anfibi by Mellow Sea wetsuits).

Did you know?

At the start of 2023, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee officially announced to the Association Nationale Surf Santé and the French Surfing Federation that surfing activities would soon be included in the scope of French prescription sport. Surfing activities have been officially recognised as non-medicinal therapeutic solutions for chronic diseases.

With Panasea: reconnecting with the ocean and nature.

It is through the ocean that some people heal their wounds. It’s also a place where you can discover yourself, others and the environment that surrounds you and that has so much to offer.

“The heart is like the sea; it is in its depths that we discover its greatest riches”.

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