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The double zip on a neoprene wetsuit: a practical and functional innovation

When it comes to water sports such as aquawalking, surf lifesaving, scuba diving, surfing or cold-water swimming, a neoprene wetsuit is essential for warmth and protection. Among recent technological advances in neoprene wetsuits, the introduction of the double zip, with a front and back zip, has considerably improved the comfort and functionality of neoprene wetsuits. This is particularly true of our Anfibi range of wetsuits, all of which have a double zip.

Easy to put on and take off the neoprene wetsuit

One of the main advantages of the double zip is the ease with which the suit can be put on and taken off. With a front and back zip, it’s easier to slip into the wetsuit without having to contort your body uncomfortably. This is particularly beneficial when you’re on your own or when you need to change wetsuits quickly between sessions of aquawalking or surf lifesaving.

Custom fit

The double zip also allows for a more personalised fit of the neoprene wetsuit. With two zips, you can adjust the tension at the front and back for an optimum fit around the torso/chest and shoulders. This helps to reduce water ingress and improve thermal insulation, guaranteeing better protection against the cold.

Comfort and mobility

Thanks to the double zip, mobility and comfort during aquatic activities are improved. The front zip reduces stress on the back and shoulders, allowing greater freedom of movement. What’s more, the double zip prevents annoying chafing at the back when you’re lying on a surfboard or rescue board, or when you’re making arm movements while water-walking or diving.

Additional ventilation

The double zip also provides extra ventilation when partially opened. When conditions get warmer, you can easily open the front or back zip slightly to allow better air circulation. This prevents your body from overheating and helps you stay comfortably cool during long sessions of water activities.

Increased security

Finally, the double zip can also improve security. With two access points for removing the suit, you can quickly remove the top part of the suit in an emergency or if you feel a tightness in your body. This feature is particularly important for divers, as it allows the wetsuit to be removed quickly if necessary.

The double zip on a neoprene wetsuit is a practical and functional innovation that offers a host of benefits for water sports enthusiasts. With ease of donning and doffing, a customised fit, improved comfort, extra ventilation and enhanced safety, neoprene wetsuits with double zips improve the overall user experience. Whether you’re a keen diver or a water sports enthusiast, investing in a double-zip neoprene wetsuit can make all the difference to your aquatic adventures.

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