Warranty conditions: neoprene wetsuits

Our wetsuits are guaranteed for 2 years on all seams and 1 year on materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. 

Not covered under warranty : 

– Deliberate product degradation

– Normal wear and tear of neoprene, as well as stains (sun, after washing, excess chlorine, etc.).

– Torn with fingernails, rocks or other sharp surfaces.

– Wetsuits used in professional contexts : at events, on a sports course, etc.

– Products bought second-hand or on platforms such as Vinted or eBay.

– Product already repaired by a third party (professional or not)

– The customer wishes to change the combination after using it. 

– Wrong cut due to purchasing the wrong size ;

– Guarantee request without original receipt

– Stains/damage caused by excessive and/or too intense washing

Here are the steps to follow to use the  guarantee on our wetsuits: 

On the Internet : 

Contact us  boutique@mellowsea.comTo contact us, please enter your contact details, including your telephone number and e-mail address, so that we can contact you quickly if necessary.

A brief description of the problem(s) with supporting photo(s).

Attach the invoice for your order.

Use a good-quality cardboard box or the original packaging, do not crumple the product and fold the combination correctly to avoid further damage.

Your wetsuit will be promptly returned to you free of charge (if covered by warranty).