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Anfibi becomes Mellow Sea – well, almost!

Why did Anfibi become Mellow Sea?

It’s spring and we’re in the mood for a change. We’ve come a long way since the launch of Anfibi…

Thanks to you, previous years have been rich in :

  • Creations
  • Events
  • Emotions
  • Innovations

It’s time for us to mark a new stage in our development. So it’s with great pleasure that we reveal our new identity, Mellow Sea.

It’s a name that reflects the spirit we share, our national and international aspirations, and the ambition that drives us on a daily basis: to accompany seasoned sportsmen and women and amateur practitioners, active or with reduced mobility, enthusiasts, occasional practitioners or those who are reluctant to take to the sea. Our aim is to extend the experience of those who enjoy the sea, by offering them more technical and quality products that meet their needs.

As part of the Mellow Sea brand, Anfibi remains a unique range (the Anfibi by Mellow Sea range) of extremely practical and comfortable double-zip wetsuits that adapt to all body shapes, ideal for aquawalking but not only…

Because we are convinced that the ocean and its benefits should be accessible to everyone, our initial mission remains the same: to facilitate access to the ocean and its virtues for as many people as possible, whatever their age, profile or time of year.

As partners and sea lovers, we’re more motivated than ever to pursue this human, sincere and exciting adventure alongside you!

What Mellow Sea offers: wetsuits, equipment, upcycling, clothing.

At Mellow Sea, we offer a wide range of products for all ocean enthusiasts. Our aim is to make the sea accessible to everyone, thanks to our specially designed neoprene wetsuits. Whether you’re a surfer, aquawalker, surf lifesaver, swimmer or Stand Up Paddle enthusiast, we’ve got what you need.

Our wetsuits offer exceptional comfort, increased flexibility (hyper stretch) and optimum protection against the elements. Our flagship products include our Anfibi range of suits with a special feature: the double zip which offer a perfect fit and easy donning. In addition we offer a range of technical water sports equipment (paddles, neoprene gloves, neoprene booties, etc.) to help you improve the quality of your water sports.

But that’s not all! We are committed to an upcycling approach that is close to our hearts. In fact, we are working hand in hand with FMS, a solidarity and participative workshop in the Landes region. With them, we transform materials such as beach towels and paraglider canvas into ponchos, car seat covers, beach bags and pockets. By supporting Mellow Sea, you are also taking a step in a social and environmental direction. Finally, we also offer a collection of organic cotton clothing.

Trust Mellow Sea to equip you with style and functionality for your adventures at sea.

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